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Deanna and Tommy

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Our Story

Deanna and Tommy met after they both swiped right. Deanna initiated the conversation, but after a few days of no responses, Tommy was persistent sending a couple additional messages, and the two quickly swapped numbers. After countless texting and a couple of 'facetime dates,' Tommy brought up the possibility of meeting in Florida where they were both traveling to for a winter getaway. Deanna thought he was crazy since they would be two hours away, but the next thing she knew, Tommy rented a car and drove over to Boca for their first date. After a marathon date of breakfast, the beach, a softball catch, watching the sunset, and dinner, Tommy asked if Deanna was free the next day. The two had another marathon date just to repeat it the next weekend when Deanna rented a car and drove over to Ft. Myers and as they say, the rest is history!